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  • What's the timeline for the development?

    22 June at 11:13 from atlas

    "Plan A" is that we will have confirmed sufficient funding for our project by mid-December 2013. This is a major step that we must complete for the project to proceed and financial contributions from the businesses and people in our community is essential part of this.

    We are looking for a minimum of 10 x $10 monthly donations from our community and 10 x $100 monthly donations from our business community. You can set up an automatic payment now to GICSB Westpac account 03 0903 0384391 03. Funds donated will be held "in trust" & refunded should the development not proceed.

    Having achieved our funding requirements we envisage being able to commence the work March 2014 with it being completed prior to Christmas 2014.


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